Click & Collect

(click & collect)

Order received

A dynamic and intuitive menu accessible by simply scanning a QR code.


With a few clicks, make your selection and confirm the order from your smartphone.

Customer welcome

Credit and debit card payment available directly from your smartphone

For the customer

The customer orders, pays online, collects the order and enjoys

  • No apps to install
  • Practical solution
  • Modern, easy and fast digital experience
  • Secured online payment
  • Order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Multilingual and multi-currency

For the restaurant

The restaurant receives the order and payment, prepares and awaits collection from the customer

  • Simplified ordering process
  • Boost sales
  • Increase the average basket
  • Innovative and efficient communication tool
  • Real time update to your menu

Click & Collect allows you to focus on the essentials: the kitchen

Boost your take-out sale

Increase your turnover with online orders. By adopting this sales channel, become more efficient and connected with your customers.

Easy management

Track your orders online in real time, as well as your sales statistics. By connecting your website to your POS software, you can manage your stocks and inform your customer of the availability of your dishes.

Creating your own platform

Your dedicated e-menew is personalized with your facility visual identity and offers simple solutions to promote your click & collect activity: window display, flyers, social media, or simply your website.


Dynamic menu accessible on all screens

Stock and reservations management

Integrated payment solution

Appointment based click & collect

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