With his smartphone, without installing an application, the customer scans the QR code displayed on his table.

The contactless menu is displayed on the customer's smartphone. By swiping the screen, the customer makes his choice.

In a few clicks, the customer places his order and proceeds to payment.

At any time, with a single click, the client can call a server.

The neighborhood can remotely use the same system for its delivery or take-out orders depending on the options offered by the establishment

The restaurant owner decides freely on the parameters: automatic or manual validation of orders, payment on order or at the end of a meal, accepted currencies, acceptance or not of take-out or delivery orders, etc.

The restaurateur modifies the suggestions put forward and the detail of the menu at his convenience and in real time.

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen and recorded in invoicing.

The waiter is notified of the availability of dishes (available soon).